[ANNOUNCE] xorg-server

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Fri Oct 4 17:03:50 PDT 2013

With the merge window re-opened, I've gone ahead and merged the huge
pile of patches from Adam and Eric, and bundled up the current state of
the server source as

I've still got a handful of patches from Egbert pending, but that series
isn't ready to merge yet.

Go forth and test!


Aaron Plattner (2):
      xfree86: don't enable anything in xf86InitialConfiguration for GPU screens
      xfree86: detach scanout pixmaps when detaching output GPUs

Adam Jackson (41):
      randr: Fix a copypasta bug in CRTC confinement
      os: Factor out some common code in input buffer handling
      mipointer: Flatten calls to mieqSwitchScreen
      mipointer: Remove EnqueueEvent from miPointerScreenFuncRec
      dix: Remove a dead parameter from DoGetImage
      dmx: Remove ShadowFB support
      damage: Remove the 'damage window' resource type.
      dbe: Drop the unused idiom support
      dbe: Fold midbe reset into dix
      dbe: Fold the window private private into the window private
      list: Avoid using X types
      dri2: Don't bother with xf86LoaderCheckSymbol("DRI2Connect")
      misprite: Delete some dead private storage
      vbe: Don't try to load the ddc submodule
      dix: FIXES is not optional
      xfree86: Remove deprecated unimplemented xf86MapReadSideEffects
      mipointer: Remove deprecated miPointerCurrentScreen
      fb: Remove unused compatibility wrappers
      damage: Implicitly unregister on destroy
      damage: Simplify DamageUnregister
      damage: Don't rewrite Text ops to GlyphBlt ops
      damage: Remove "post-rendering" hooks
      damageext: Style fix
      dmx/glx: Remove unused __glXNop
      glxproxy: Don't track GLCLientm{aj,in}orVersion
      glx: Remove unused bits from the context struct
      glx: Pull GLX vendor string out of __GLXscreen
      glx: Style fixes
      glx: Compute number of attributes in GetDrawableAttributes on the fly
      glx: Implement GLX_{WIDTH,HEIGHT} in GetDrawableAttributes
      glx: Implement GLX_FBCONFIG_ID in GetDrawableAttributes
      glx: Implement GLX_PRESERVED_CONTENTS drawable attribute
      glx: Handle failure to create the pixmap backing the pbuffer
      glx: Eliminate a small malloc from QueryContext
      glx: realloc style fix in RenderLarge
      glx: Remove support for NV_vertex_program and NV_fragment_program
      glx: Remove pixmapMode from __GLXconfig
      glx: Remove screen number from __GLXconfig
      glx: Catch another failure case in drawable creation
      glx: Remove a dead comment
      glx: Fill in some missing attributes from DoGetFBConfigs

Alan Coopersmith (15):
      __glXDRIscreenCreateContext: free context on failure, instead of leaking it
      __glXDRIscreenProbe: free screen when DRI2Connect fails, instead of leaking it
      dmxVDLRead: if we opened a file, close it instead of leaking it
      xf86SbusCmapLoadPalette: Delay malloc until needed, avoiding leak on error
      sparcPromPathname2Node: free name when returning error, instead of leaking it
      Only call xf86platformVTProbe() when it's defined
      Xdmx: integer overflow in GetGLXVisualConfigs()
      Xdmx: integer overflow in GetGLXFBConfigs()
      Xephyr: integer overflow in ephyrHostGLXGetStringFromServer()
      Xephyr: integer overflow in XF86DRIOpenConnection()
      Xephyr: integer overflow in XF86DRIGetClientDriverName()
      glxproxy: Use _XReadPad instead of _XEatData to clean up the slop
      glxproxy: Use _XEatDataWords (from Xlib 1.6) instead of _XEatData
      Xephyr: Use _XEatDataWords (from Xlib 1.6) instead of _XEatData
      Allow disabling XFree86-DGA, DRI, VidModeExtension extensions

Andreas Müller (1):
      dixstruct.h: fix segfaults - char is unsigned for ARM and PowerPC architectures

Bryce Harrington (1):
      xfree86: Revert workaround for drm race condition.

Chris Clayton (1):
      kdrive: fix build error on gcc 4.8 for out-of-bounds array access

Chris Wilson (2):
      hw/xfree86: Only report SetDesiredModes() failed if at least one modeset fails
      os: Immediately queue initial WriteToClient

Colin Harrison (2):
      hw/xwin: Fix possible crash in winMultiWindowGetClassHint
      hw/xwin: Correct winprefs.c function signatures for x64.

Dave Airlie (12):
      xfree86: add VT owner interface
      xf86: use new xf86VTOwner interface in a few places
      xf86: don't hotplug output devices while VT switched.
      randr: don't directly set changed bits in randr screen
      randr: make SetChanged modify the main protocol screen not the gpu screen
      randr: only respected changed on the protocol screen
      randr: report changes when we disconnect a GPU slave
      dix/gpu: remove asserts for output/offload from same slave
      xf86crtc: don't use scrn->display for gpu screens
      dix: allow pixmap dirty helper to be used for non-shared pixmaps
      gpu: call CreateScreenResources for GPU screens
      xfree86/man: document AutoAddGPU

Egbert Eich (1):
      DIX/Xi: Pass correct client to CheckDeviceGrabAndHintWindow()

Eric Anholt (30):
      Revert "DRI2: re-allocate DRI2 drawable if pixmap serial changes"
      ephyr: Fix const cast warnings in ephyrhostvideo.
      ephyr: Fix const-cast warnings for setting window title.
      ephyr: Fix dead code warning.
      kdrive: Drop dead code.
      kdrive: Fix a few easy cast warnings.
      kdrive: Fix const cast warnings in driver name handling.
      kdrive: Fix const cast warnings in arguments processing.
      ephyr: Drop is_ok logging.
      ephyr: Fix warning about XID vs unsigned long * by changing function args
      ephyr: Drop dead ephyrHostAtomToLocal code.
      ephyr: Expose a single function for detecting extensions.
      ephyr: Rename and use the proper type for what was host_screen->info.
      ephyr: Move the host screen info into the kdrive screen private.
      ephyr: Move event processing into ephyr.c.
      ephyr: Remove some pointless indirection in the XV code.
      ephyr: Refactor XV adaptor feature detection.
      ephyr: Remove the host/server split for XV adaptors.
      ephyr: Remove the host/server split for XV attributes.
      ephyr: Remove the host/server split for XV formats.
      ephyr: Remove the host/server split for video encodings.
      ephyr: Remove another host/server split for XV image formats.
      ephyr: Remove the host/server split of the actual XV video operations.
      ephyr: Remove the remaining bits of host/server XV split.
      ephyr: Remove the helper libs for each of the optional components.
      ephyr: Garbage collect some dead XV clipping code.
      ephyr: Garbage collect some DOA host window clipping code.
      ephyr: Use host (HW) cursors by default.
      ephyr: Flush the X connection when updating the window title.
      ephyr: Do grab/ungrab for ctrl+shift, not just shift+ctrl.

François Tigeot (1):
      Fix mouse header include on DragonFly and FreeBSD

Gaetan Nadon (8):
      test: add new os executable to .gitignore
      miext/shadow: missing c2p_core.h breaks "make distcheck" target.
      The Xorg binary is missing the extension $(EXEEXT) in the makefile
      Use $(LN_S) provided by AC_PROG_LN_S macro to create links
      Xorg binary: use install-exec-hook rather than install-exec-local
      Uninstall X link and CYGWIN libXorg.exe.a in local install targets
      xfree86: Use $(MKDIR_P) for better code portability
      xfree86: add a comment as to why the logdir is created

Geert Uytterhoeven (17):
      miext/shadow/shpacked.c: Remove unused PickBit() define
      test/input: Fix double-aligned test in dix_valuator_alloc() on m68k
      KDrive: Bail out if screen initialization failed
      Xfbdev: Make char *fbdevDevicePath const
      Xfbdev: Handle unset fix.line_length
      Xfbdev: Add support for monochrome visuals
      Xfbdev: Treat 1 bpp pseudocolor as monochrome
      Shadow: Add c2p core
      Shadow: Add support for Atari iplan2p4
      Shadow: Add support for Atari iplan2p8
      Shadow: Add support for Amiga afb4
      Shadow: Add support for Amiga afb8
      Xfbdev: Reject unsupported frame buffer types
      Xfbdev: Force shadowfb for frame buffers with non-packed pixels
      Xfbdev: Wire up Atari iplan2p4 and iplan2p8 support
      Xfbdev: Wire up Amiga afb4 and afb8 support
      Shadow: Switch the Amiga/Atari bitplane code to the canonical X.Org license

Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia (2):
      XQuartz: Fix build with moved pseudoramiX
      XQuartz: pbproxy: Fix build with -DDEBUG

Jeremy White (1):
      Eliminate the use of xf86Rename.h

Jon TURNEY (42):
      hw/xwin: Fix unused-but-set-variable warnings in windialog.c
      hw/xwin: Fix unused-but-set-variable warning in winIsFakeCtrl_L()
      hw/xwin: Fix unused-but-set-variable warning in winFinishScreenInitFB()
      hw/xwin: Fix unused-but-set-variable warning in winCopyWindowNativeGDI()
      hw/xwin: Fix unused-but-set-variable warning in winWindowProc()
      hw/xwin: Fix unused-but-set-variable warning in winClipboardProc()
      hw/xwin: Fix unused-but-set-variable warning in winMinimizeWindow() when built !XWIN_MULTIWINDOWEXTWM
      hw/xwin: Fix unused-but-set-variable warning in winHotKeyAltTabPrimaryDD()
      hw/xwin: Fix unused-but-set-variable warning in winMWExtWMUpdateWindowDecoration()
      hw/xwin: Fix unused-but-set-variable warning in ProcWindowsWMFrameGetRect()
      hw/xwin: Fix a 64-bit portability issue with casting HINSTANCE result of ShellExecute() to an integer
      hw/xwin: deprecated interface cygwin_conv_to_win32_path() doesn't exist in 64-bit cygwin
      hw/xwin: Fix uses of CreateDialogParam() for 64-bit builds
      hw/xwin: Change winIconIsOverride() to take a HICON parameter
      hw/xwin: winMultiWindowGetTransientFor() returns an XID not a WindowPtr
      hw/xwin: Win32 Windows properties are of pointer type HANDLE, not an integer type
      hw/xwin: Update manifest to target all architectures, not just x86
      os: Remove any old logfile before trying to write to it
      Allow DDX to provide a main()
      hw/xwin: Improve WM_ENDSESSION handling using separate messaging window thread
      hw/xwin: _NET_WM_STATE is ATOM[] not ATOM
      hw/xwin: Remove an extra '\n' from some log messages
      hw/xwin: Change winTranslateKey() to return it's result as it's return value
      hw/xwin: Remove unneeded WM_XBUTTON message defines
      hw/xwin: Map extra mouse buttons 1 and 2 to X buttons 8 and 9
      hw/xwin: Handle WM_MOUSEHWHEEL
      hw/xwin: Avoid a null dereference if CreateDIBSection() fails in NetWMToWinIconAlpha()
      configure.ac: Check for python at configure time when building XWin with AIGLX
      hw/xwin: Remove obsolete WIN_XEVENTS_SHUTDOWN
      hw/xwin: Fix numerous 64-bit format/type cast issues with debug printing of pointers
      hw/xwin: Fix inclusion of shlobj.h in MinGW64 build
      hw/xwin: Fix winglobals.h for MinGW64 build
      Move pseudoramiX code where it can be shared between Xwin and Xquartz
      hw/xwin: Fix -Warray-bounds warning in winXCursorToHCURSOR()
      hw/xwin: Fix an issue in winSetSpansNativeGDI() identifed by -Warray-bounds
      hw/xwin: Fix ARGB cursor conversion on x86_64
      hw/xwin: Remove unused winProcQueryTreeOrig variable
      hw/xwin: Remove unused externs from winclipboardwrappers.c
      hw/xwin: Remove prototype for non-existent winDeinitClipboard()
      hw/xwin: Remove unneeded forward declaration of winProcessXEventsTimeout()
      hw/xwin: Remove unused extern g_fUseUnicode from winclipboardwndproc.c
      hw/xwin: Fix compilation of winauth.c with -Werror=implicit-function-declaration

Julien Cristau (23):
      xkb: don't call atoi(NULL) when parsing argv
      test: include dix-config.h in hashtabletest.c
      xfree86: improve check for posix saved ids
      dix: add missing include for DeleteWindowFromAnySelections
      Xephyr: stop loading the host's keymap
      Xephyr: start converting hostx.c over to xcb
      Xephyr: use xcb-shape instead of XShape*
      Xephyr: no need for XDisplayKeycodes
      Xephyr: xcb-ify pointer/keyboard grab
      Xephyr: xcb-ify visual list construction
      Xephyr: delete unused proxy code
      Xephyr: delete unused hostx_get_extension_info function
      Xephyr: replace XKeycodeToKeysym with xcb-keysyms
      Xephyr: move HostX.visual to xcb
      Xephyr: some more hostx.c xcb-ification
      Xephyr: use xcb for event handling
      Xephyr: use xcb-xv instead of libXv
      Xephyr: move ephyrdri over to xcb
      Xephyr: remove unused DRI1 code
      Xephyr: move glx code to xcb
      Xephyr: drop remaining Xlib dependency
      Xephyr: handle errors in event loop
      Xephyr: we're not using Xlib anymore, no need to undef _XSERVER64

Keith Packard (8):
      Xi: Use correct destination when swapping barrier events
      shadow: Define c2p_unsupported
      Xi: Allow clients to ask for 2.3 and then 2.2 without failing
      Add .dir-locals.el
      miext/sync: Fix multi-screen support in SyncFence initialization
      damage: Must translate initial window damage by window offset
      kdrive/ephyr: Remove duplicate ephyrExtensions and ephyrExtensionInit decls
      Bump version to

Knut Petersen (1):
      Never try to execute BellProcPtr NULL.

Laurent Carlier (1):
      ephyr: restore GLX support

Laércio de Sousa (1):
      xserver: enable InputClass option "GrabDevice" by default for non-seat0 seats (#69478)

Maarten Lankhorst (5):
      Xi: Do not handle ET_TouchOwnership in ProcessTouchEvent
      dix: copy event in TouchConvertToPointerEvent correctly
      dix: add missing dixFreeRegistry define
      Xi: Clamp XIClient maximal version to XIVersion
      test/xi2: fix protocol-xiqueryversion test

Marc Haesen (2):
      hw/xwin: Correct size of _WINDOWSWM_NATIVE_HWND property on x86_64
      hw/xwin: Remove unnecessary and incorrect HWND casts

Michal Srb (1):
      Xnest: Implement xnestModifyPixmapHeader

Oliver Schmidt (1):
      hw/xwin: Consider left and right modifier keys independently on gaining focus

Peter Harris (2):
      mi: Avoid stack smash when drawing dashed lines
      security: Don't count RetainPermanent clients twice

Peter Hutterer (71):
      dix: don't set non-exisiting flags on touch events
      xfree86: change a log message
      dix: only allocate unused classes for master devices
      Stop the shouting
      dix: plug memory leak in freeing TouchClass
      Xi: fix comment - XI2 grabs aren't keysym grabs
      dix: send the current axis value in DeviceChangedEvents (#62321)
      Xi: always return BadMatch for XTest devices ChangeDeviceControl requests
      If neither HAL nor udev backends are enabled, warn the user
      xkb: free XkbRulesUsed and XkbRulesDflt on extension cleanup
      dix: reset the registry before quitting
      os: support pnprintf length modifiers for integers
      os: support %% in pnprintf
      os: support %c in pnprintf
      os: complain about unsupported pnprintf directives
      os: Use ErrorFSigSafe from FatalError and it's friends
      Xi: free barrier code at reset time
      dix: delete all callbacks before reset
      dix: reset the OsBuffers after killing all clients
      dix: don't overwrite proximity/focus classes
      input: print warnings if drivers don't initialize properly
      Xi: not having an ownership mask does not mean automatic acceptance
      dix: don't prepend an activated passive grab to the listeners
      Xi: if we delivered a TouchEnd to a passive grab, end it
      Xi: update the core listener state if we delivered the touch event
      Xi: fix lookup in ActivateEarlyAccept
      Xi: if a passive async grab is activated from an emulated touch, accept
      Xi: save state for early acceptance
      Xi: when punting to a new owner, always create TouchEnd events
      Xi: use public.processInputProc to replay the touch history
      Xi: Don't emit a TouchEnd event to a frozen device
      dix: move EmitTouchEnd to touch.c
      dix: XAllowEvents() on a touch event means accepting it
      dix: invert a loop condition
      dix: use a tmp variable for the to-be-removed touch listener
      dix: drop DeviceIntRec's activeGrab struct
      dix: use a temporary variable for listeners[0]
      dix: freeing a null grab is a bug, complain if doing so
      dix: AllocGrab can copy if an argument is passed in
      dix: always copy grabs, don't reference them
      dix: remove all listeners when freeing a touch
      Move TouchListenerGone call to CloseDownClient
      Xi: check for HAS_ACCEPTED only for grab listeners
      dix: free the old grab when activating a new grab
      ephyr: fix typo in man page
      ephyr: add -resizeable to the man page
      dix: fix cursor refcounting
      Xi: fix warning - remove unused 'rc'
      dix: devices must have valuators before touch is initialized
      dix: call UpdateDeviceState() for emulated TouchEndEvents
      Abstract cursor refcounting
      dix: pre-scale x by the screen:device:resolution ratio
      dix: fix device scaling to use a [min,max[ range.
      dix: devices must have valuators before touch is initialized
      dix: remove logspam in RefCursor()
      config: add a quirks file for devices needing special configuration
      dix: when ungrabbing an active grab, accept pointer grabs (#66720)
      config: provide example configuration for multi-seat setups
      dix: UpdateTouchesForGrab must only free the listener grab if it is non-NULL
      dix: allow a ConstantDeceleration between 0 and 1 (#66134)
      dix: scale y back instead of x up when pre-scaling coordinates
      dix: check the xi2mask, not the grab type for touch listeners
      dix: set the valuator mask to ensure XI 1.x events have data
      Replace INCLUDES with AM_CPPFLAGS
      xfree86: de-duplicate some AM_CPPFLAGS
      test: fix the gcc diagnostics pragma
      include: wrap EMASKSIZE in parentheses
      Xi: replace loop with memset
      dix: check for grab type before checking XI2 mask
      Xi: allow for XIAllowEvent requests larger than XI < 2.2 size (#68554)
      dmx: provide enough space for axis mappings

Radek Doulik (1):
      xnest: Ignore GetImage() error in xnestGetImage()

Robert Morell (1):
      os: Reset input buffer's 'ignoreBytes' field

Rui Matos (1):
      Xi: fix swapped grab mode args for keyboard devices in XIGrabDevice

Sebastien Bacher (1):
      kdrive: initialize GLX for xephyr

Thomas Klausner (3):
      Fix typo in header guard.
      Fix bug in cursor handling.
      Fix typo in configure warning.

git tag: xorg-server-

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