using free desktops without a screen/monitor

Josh Kennedy joshknnd1982 at
Sun Apr 28 12:45:41 PDT 2013

I am totally blind and use gnome, unity lxde and others with the orca 
screen reader. I asked on the orca mailing list if there is a way to run 
distros such as ubuntu and vinux without a screen or monitor connected. 
they said to ask on this list. so I am asking. could you please provide 
an accessible way even if its pressing a key at a boot prompt after 
hearing some tones through the pc speaker, provide a way to boot and use 
ubuntu from the live cd and the installed version without a monitor 
being connected. Having this functionality would also enable me to 
possibly start a project I have some ideas for using probably sonar 
accessible linux with lxde.



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