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Dibyayan Chakraborty dib.coolguy at gmail.com
Fri Apr 26 09:26:57 PDT 2013

I joined this mailing list very recently . I am actually looking for some
information regarding a project that our university would like to take up.
Now I provide a brief introduction about the project.

Ultimate aim of the project is to port the X11 window management system to
a browser in completely platform independent way. More specifically we want
to build a plugin which would enable any application which runs on X11 to
be mapped in the web browser while the original application will run on
some remote server. I have listed several queries and any replies and links
to resources regarding those will be greatly appreciated.

   1. Is this project new or are there any similar work already done
   (apparently our initial studies suggests that there are few applications
   like FireSSH which provide terminal based facilities but nothing closer )?
   2. Is it really possible to implement this project using the present X11
   protocols and windowing system ?

With Regards
Dibyayan Chakraborty
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