ANN: xterm patch #292

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Thu Apr 25 17:27:48 PDT 2013

                            Patch #292 - 2013/04/25

     * add   limit-check   when   double-click  selects  a  word;  if  the
       saved-lines were scrolled back and the word selected wrapped at the
       screen's  lower  right corner, an assertion was triggered (patch by
       Taketo Kabe).
     * correct  limit-check  in  unsaveEditBufLines,  fixing  a case where
       enlarging  the  terminal  size  could show a blank line where there
       actually is available text (patch by Bertram Felgenhauer).
     * add  PasteControls  feature  to  allowWindowOps  which  by  default
       disallows  pasting control characters other than formatting such as
       carriage return (discussion with Hayaki Saito).
     * fix  typo  in  for  DECRQM  response (patch by Emanuele
     * update    default   shown   in   configure   --help   message   for
       --with-terminal-id option (patch by Andres Perera).
     * rename  script/preprocessor  variables  used  for  substituting the
       backarrowKey   default  value  for  consistency  (patch  by  Andres
     * set umask to 077 before creating debugging-trace files.
     * add configure option --disable-openpty to control whether openpty()
       may be used in preference to posix_openpt().
     * improve  workaround  from  patch  #279 for BSD systems which do not
       complete  initialization until both sides of the pseudoterminal are
       opened,  by  preferring openpty() function over posix_openpt() when
       available (report by Christian Weisgerber).

Thomas E. Dickey
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