error ent = 1073741820, Fatal server error: failed to create root window

Richard PALO richard.palo at
Mon Apr 1 10:45:09 PDT 2013

Le 28/03/13 08:19, Alan Coopersmith a écrit :
> You may or may not have better luck with a X server from this decade instead
> of trying to run one from 4 years ago - you'd certainly find more people willing
> to investigate and help on a current server such as 1.14 than on 1.6.
Well, after spending the weekend upgrading xorg-server to 1.13.3 and as 
well as a couple of components that were not latest and greatest, I am 
able to run with dri disabled (not really up to a Mesa upgrade just 
yet.. seems to be a nightmare in pkgsrc for the moment).

I am tempted to believe that it was a fouled patch for _X_EXPORT in 
xproto that, perhaps together with mesa, caused my problems due to lack 
of globals using gcc4.7.2 on solaris...

I'll test again on the old stuff with this _now known_ fix.

Thanks anyway for your patience and push to upgrade.

It was quite an experience.

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