Awfull rendering of fonts in KDE terminal with nouveau 1.0.3 drivers

Łukasz Maśko ed at
Wed Oct 31 06:44:27 PDT 2012

Dnia środa, 31 października 2012, Thomas Lübking napisał:
> On Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2012 08:25:12 CEST, Łukasz Maśko wrote:
> > I think that the driver sets the resolution to 1280x1024
> checking is better then "thinking" ;-)
> > (I wish I could change it to 1600x1200, which is the desired
> > resolution).
> Check "xrandr -q" for supported modes, outputs and current mode and use
> "xrandr --output DVI-I-1 --mode 1600x1200 --scale 1x1" to set it
> This blurring would however impact absolutely everything, every font in
> every window and every other content.

Output definitely is 1600x1200. Here are some lines from Xorg.0.log:

[    77.187] (II) NOUVEAU(0): Output DVI-I-1 connected
[    77.187] (II) NOUVEAU(0): Output DVI-I-2 disconnected
[    77.187] (II) NOUVEAU(0): Using user preference for initial modes
[    77.187] (II) NOUVEAU(0): Output DVI-I-1 using initial mode 1600x1200
[    77.187] (II) NOUVEAU(0): Using default gamma of (1.0, 1.0, 1.0) unless 
otherwise stated.
[    77.187] (--) NOUVEAU(0): Virtual size is 1600x1200 (pitch 0)

Also xrandr reports this mode as active. In one of the logs I saw something 
about setting virtual to 1280x1024, that's why I've mentioned the above. But 
now it is 1600x1200, co correct values. So probably it has nothing to do 
with such scaling. By the way, my monitor is a pretty good CRT capable of 
1600x1200 at 85Hz (although not profesional one), not LCD, and it can adapt to 
any lower resolution in a much better way than LCD (almost no scaling 

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