[BUG] xinput bug in Xorg 1.12-rc2

Jeremy Huddleston jeremyhu at apple.com
Mon Jan 30 15:28:37 PST 2012

I really don't see how 2abe83df686ed64c4f4df711ac3c1fd12131c2e4 could be the culprit.  It's trivial.

Can you please create a bug report at http://bugs.freedesktop.org to track this?

On Jan 30, 2012, at 4:59 AM, mathieu.taillefumier at free.fr wrote:

> Hello,
> i encounter a bug in the last rc of the xserver (present before but I
> was using it so far) when I use it in combination with kdm (and only
> kdm, I did not try xdm). The server simply crash when kdm is running and
> I touch any of the keyboard keys but works perfectly fine when I run it
> from a console. The all stack is from the git repository but the problem
> originates from the server itself since I can not reproduce it with xorg
> 1.11.4 for instance (with the same stack almost).
> I am able to reproduce it all the time and I have been spending some
> time to bisect the problem (changing the server, the rest been fixed).
> The result of the bisection gave me this:
> git bisect start
> # bad: [052ca3f22eadd0aa60dd24ac7d5d76137273926f] Bump version to
> (1.12 RC2)
> git bisect bad 052ca3f22eadd0aa60dd24ac7d5d76137273926f
> # good: [e597f0119cd69b6d9edf86d06d941468f90d8e6d] configure.ac: 1.11.4
> git bisect good e597f0119cd69b6d9edf86d06d941468f90d8e6d
> # good: [4ad271d06c5aa42721c0e2e01e17e34a39825c65] xfree86: Bump
> extension ABI version to 6.0
> git bisect good 4ad271d06c5aa42721c0e2e01e17e34a39825c65
> # good: [34b0e4eee911f8b09a3682a7f1b4c8598ef48b8d] dri2: Register the
> DRI2DrawableType after server regeneration
> git bisect good 34b0e4eee911f8b09a3682a7f1b4c8598ef48b8d
> # bad: [2df539c0bc3300ea858f8bc7d52e95e67ff379b8] glx: Only declare
> GlxExtensionInit in one header file
> git bisect bad 2df539c0bc3300ea858f8bc7d52e95e67ff379b8
> # bad: [2abe83df686ed64c4f4df711ac3c1fd12131c2e4] include: add
> BUG_WARN_MSG for custom error message on bug condition
> git bisect bad 2abe83df686ed64c4f4df711ac3c1fd12131c2e4
> # good: [d26fae246d7c451b4d5ffe24fdb959d4bd00b107] glx: don't leak fbconfigs
> git bisect good d26fae246d7c451b4d5ffe24fdb959d4bd00b107
> # good: [6acebf9e1298939593b942ec91ae9ec9e74faa19] include: add
> list_append()
> git bisect good 6acebf9e1298939593b942ec91ae9ec9e74faa19
> # good: [4bc2761ad5ec2d0668aec639780ffb136605fbc8] dix: switch the
> dev->deviceGrab.activeGrab from GrabRec to GrabPtr
> git bisect good 4bc2761ad5ec2d0668aec639780ffb136605fbc8
> # good: [d2ebbcdaf6b13d70eee704b1764ff349e1be22a0] Xi: when removing a
> device, reset ClientPointers where needed
> git bisect good d2ebbcdaf6b13d70eee704b1764ff349e1be22a0
> # good: [631516a4aa9858874ee197444cd93d91b97a1089] Xi: check button
> mapping value _before_ assigning it
> git bisect good 631516a4aa9858874ee197444cd93d91b97a1089
> # good: [4fc797f3756611a97767f407e1af0b6a7cf2f1d9] xfree86: include
> xorg-config.h from xaalocal.h
> git bisect good 4fc797f3756611a97767f407e1af0b6a7cf2f1d9
> so the first bad commit is 2abe83df686ed64c4f4df711ac3c1fd12131c2e4.
> I also have some information after using gdb from a remote computer. I
> attach the log file of the debugging session. Since i can reproduce it
> do not hesitate to ask me for more information.
> regards
> Mathieu
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