modular build fails at libXau

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Hi there Gaetan,

I think there is something whacked with my tools install. I do have libtool installed but there seems to be some problem with the set up since I am getting this error. I am going to review my autotools setup and see if I cant find the problem. I may just have to generate a fresh tools install. Thanks for the pointers to documentation. I will contribute to the centos tools section of the wiki as soon as I get this straightened out.


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On 12-01-18 04:21 PM, Semeraro, B David wrote:

I am trying to perform a modular build following the directions from this site:
Alan is correct, libXau is the first module in the list to require libtool. You may possibly find other missing tools as you go along.

This is why in the wiki there is a link to a page called "Required Packages":
It lists all the packages you need to install in order to build all of X. This list varies greatly from one OS to another. If you'd like to make a contribution to the wiki and write down the packages you installed on centos, that would be great. Just follow the pattern in there.

I wrote the ones for Ubuntu. On a freshly installed distro, I can build all of X with just three commands. One to install the list of tools, one to create the installation dir and one to run


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