KVM/Scroll Lock behavior

Samuel Thibault samuel.thibault at ens-lyon.org
Thu Jan 19 06:10:02 PST 2012

Todd Pytel, le Thu 19 Jan 2012 07:41:14 -0600, a écrit :
> > You could try to use strace to check the system call difference between
> > lighting scroll lock through the key and through xset, but in principle
> > there is none, thus the surprise with 3) vs 4) above.
> I've straced binaries before, though the output tends to be over my
> head. I could do that with xset, but what process would I strace to
> follow the keypress? X?


> That seems likely to produce an insane amount of output.

Not if you start a bare X session, with just an xlogo to avoid letting
it cycle on xmodmap call.


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