atom boards with i915 video

gene heskett gheskett at
Sat Jan 14 07:55:57 PST 2012

Greetings all;

I just installed a new box on my milling machine, an Intel D525 Atom 
powered board with onboard i915 video.

One of the graphics visualization tools that would be part of the 
processing chain between CadSofts 'eagle' and the nc code to actually 
engrave the pc board is 'visolate', a bit of a *.jar odd duck in that it 
can output gcode that can carve the board in perhaps only 10% of the time 
that most 'isolation engraved' pc board take.  That could convert an 8 hour 
job into perhaps 30-45 minutes on my machine with a spindle about 100k rpms 
to slow to do it very fast.

Unfortunately it needs the java3d stuffs for its preview display, and bails 
out if the '3d' functions aren't available.  I think I managed to get the 
java3d stuffs installed thanks to some relatively simple procedures I found 
on one of the reprap oriented forums, but from the results obtained when I 
try to use it, the i915 driver hasn't those capabilities.

Is there a chance it might grow such features?  Or is that hardware just 
too puny to do it and I am stuck with PCB-Gcode generating the 8 hour job?

Thanks people.

Cheers, Gene
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