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Sat Jan 7 18:26:12 PST 2012

                            Patch #277 - 2012/01/07

     * remove special case for ISC pseudo-terminals which attempts to open
       the pty in two different ways.
     * move  call  to  grantpt  before asking utempter to add a record, to
       work  with  kFreeBSD which does not update the terminal's ownership
       until this point (Debian #652907).
     * document limitation of XIM interface in manpage (Debian #230787).
     * cleanup error reporting with new xtermWarning function.
     * add  configure  option  --disable-selection-ops  to  make  the  new
       actions optional.
     * add  four  new  actions  for  making the selection or data directly
       copied  from  the screen (prompted by discussion in Debian #637001,
       as well as report by Arjen van Tol):
          + exec-formatted
          + exec-selectable
          + insert-formatted
          + insert-selectable
     * add  visualBellLine  resource to allow visualBell to flash only the
       current line (prompted by patch by Gertjan Halkes).
     * add  eightBitMeta  resource to control the features which modify or
       interpret  the  eighth  bit  of a key when the meta modifier key is
       pressed (prompted by Debian #326200).
     * improve  discussion  of  eightBitInput  in the manpage (prompted by
       Debian #326200).
     * correct   logic   for   alt-sends-escape  action,  overlooked  when
       implementing    altSendsEscape    resource,    which   still   used
       eightBitInput resource value.
     * add  a  workaround  for  XAllocColor(),  which  does  not  actually
       allocate  "a  read-only colormap entry corresponding to the closest
       RGB   value   supported  by  the  hardware",  but  rather  a  rough
       approximation (Debian #650291).
     * undo  parameter  checks for RequestResize() added in patch #251 and
       amended in patch #270, because zeros also are special cases (report
       by John S Urban).
     * modify  some  test-scripts to use /bin/echo rather than the shell's
       possibly-builtin  echo,  to work around broken configuration on Mac
       OS X, i.e., neither honoring the option nor flagging an error.
     * add SGR 1006, as a better technical solution than SGR 1015:
          + the  responses  will  not  be  confused with line-deletion and
            scrolling controls.
          + the button encoding is a little simpler, since it does not add
            an  unnecessary 32 because the integer parameter does not have
            to be represented as a printable character.
          + the  control  responses  for  pressing  and  releasing a mouse
            button  differ,  allowing  an application to tell which button
            was released.
       Besides  these  improvements,  in  discussion,  it  was  noted that
       urxvt's  implementation of 1005 is incorrect, relying upon a locale
       that  provides  UTF-8  encoding. In contrast, vttest demonstrates a
       correct decoding, independent of locale.
     * add  support  for urxvt SGR 1015 to address shortcoming of SGR 1005
       with luit (patch by Egmont Koblinger).
     * add ISO and DEC controls useful for left/right scrolling.
     * add  some  changes  for  OpenBSD  and MirBSD (adapted from patch by
       Thorsten Glaser):
          + disable search for non-Unix96 ptys.
          + fix a gcc warning in timestamp_filename
          + modify Imakefile to install xterm setgid to utmp.
     * add/use/prefer posix_openpt() for opening pseudo-terminal.
     * modify  special errno handling case in ptydata.c from patch #158 to
       allow  for the possibility that any platform may have special cases
       where  "/dev/tty"  is  absent.  For  example,  this can happen in a
       FreeBSD jail (patch by David Wolfskill).
     * add  keyboard logic to map shift-tab into XK_ISO_Left_Tab, which is
       usually, not always, done by the X keyboard configuration.
     * portability fixes for some configure macros: CF_XOPEN_SOURCE

Thomas E. Dickey
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