XInput: Atmel maXTouch Digitizer touch screen

Chase Douglas chase.douglas at
Fri Jan 6 23:04:26 PST 2012

On 01/06/2012 10:57 AM, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> On 03.01.2012 03:14, Chase Douglas wrote:
>> On 12/26/2011 09:59 AM, Ben Bucksch wrote:
>>> I now hacked this file in a very crude way, by removing some of the
>>> finger code. Patch below.
>>> This has the effect that the random spurious clicks are gone, but I now
>>> need a double-tap ("double-click") to effect a mouse click, and
>>> effecting a double click is almost impossible. Some click areas do not
>>> take my clicks at all (e.g. the app menu *icon* of XFCE4, while it works
>>> with a normal mouse), while others do (e.g. the label next to said icon).
>>> So, it is barely usable, which is already progress, but not there yet.
>>> Unfortunately, that's about as far as I can go myself, without blindly
>>> stabbing in the dark.
>> Search for every line with "BTN_TOOL_FINGER". Comment them out.
>> Recompile, and I'll bet everything will work correctly.
> There is no mention of "BTN_TOOL_FINGER" anywhere in that file.
> My attempt to remove *FINGER* stuff I had posted as diff. Could you take 
> a look and see how you can improve upon that, please?

You don't really want to remove most of the stuff you did in the patch.
That's why I suggested commenting out BTN_TOOL_FINGER lines instead.

We know the driver is registering BTN_TOOL_FINGER because the evtest log
you provided earlier in the thread shows the code as being available.
AFAIK, Linux does not register the BTN_TOOL_FINGER unless the driver
specifically asks for it. I would be really surprised if it's not in
there somewhere :).

If you want, you can post the entire source file for your driver. I'll
try to point out what needs to be changed.

-- Chase

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