[ANNOUNCE] intel-gpu-tools 1.2

Daniel Vetter daniel.vetter at ffwll.ch
Thu Feb 9 13:57:15 PST 2012

- intel_audio_dump improvements (Wu Fengguang)
- buildsystem improvements (Gaetan Nadon)
- solaris support (Alan Coopersmith)
- massive refactoring of testcases and rendercpy extraction
- new tests
- fixed up intel_reg_read/write for platforms needing forcewake (needs a
  kernel patch which from 3.3 to work on ivb - Ben Widawsky)

Happy kernel burning!

Alan Coopersmith (10):
      Provide Solaris implementation of intel_get_total_ram_mb
      Solaris defines struct winsize in termios.h
      Use sched_yield instead of pthread_yield
      List out array values instead of using gcc range extension
      include <fcntl.h> in lib/intel_mmio.c for open() prototype on Solaris
      Fix pthread compiler flags to work on Solaris and with Studio compiler
      Make benchmarks also link against libpciaccess
      Add Solaris implementation of intel_get_total_swap_mb()
      Move free(cmd) to after last use of cmd in intel_gpu_top
      Fix program name in intel_bios_dumper.man SYNOPSIS

Ben Widawsky (4):
      i-g-t: silence -Winline
      mmio: refactor reg init/fini
      intel_reg_read: use register access init/fini
      intel_reg_write: use register access init/fini

Chris Wilson (1):
      intel_bios_reader: Sanitize input to ensure all data blocks are within bounds

Daniel Vetter (60):
      tools/intel_error_decode: convert over to libdrm decoder
      tools/intel_error_decode: fixup new warnings
      tools/intel_audio_dump: fixup new warnings
      tools/intel_bios_dumper: fixup new warnings
      tools/intel_bios_reader: fixup new warnings
      tools/intel_dump_decode: use libdrm decoder
      tools/intel_gpu_top: fixup new warnings
      remove tools/intel_decode
      tools/intel_reg_dumper: fixup new warnings
      tools/intel_gtt: fixup new warnings
      tools/intel_stepping: fixup new warnings
      lib: fixup new compiler warnings
      lib/drmtest: extract gem_set_tiling
      lib/drmtest: extract gem_close
      lib/drmtest: extract gem_write
      lib/drmtest: extract gem_read
      tests: fixup new warnings
      lib/drmtest: extract gem_set_domain and gem_sync
      tests: use the gem_write wrapper some more
      testdisplay: fixup smaller compiler warnings
      testdisplay: rename global fd variable to drm_fd
      lib/drmtest: extract gem_create
      lib/drmtest: extract gem_mmap
      tests: add drm_vma_limiter variants that only check gtt/cpu mmaps
      lib/drmtest: extract helpers for signal interruptions
      tests: add drm_vma_limiter_cached to check libdrm cache mmap pruning
      lib/drmtest: add gpu quiescent helper
      tests: add ZZ_check_dmesg
      tests: add ZZ_hangman
      tests: update .gitignore
      lib/drmtest: extract gem_aperture_size
      lib/drmtest: add gem_mappable_aperture_size
      lib/drmtest: extract mappable aperture trasher infrastructure
      gem_stress: add buf->size
      gem_stress: remove logical_tile_no arg from render_copy functions
      gem_stress: pass batch as arg to render_copy functions
      gem_stress: move a few things out of gem_stress.h
      gem_stress: add width/height arg to rendercpy functions
      gem_stress: move option struct out of header
      gem_stress: move keep_gpu_busy stuff out of render copy functions
      gem_stress: s/gem_stress.h/rendercopy.h
      lib: extract rendercopy functions from gem_stress
      tests: make testdisplay non-optional
      tests/gem_tiled_pread_pwrite: actually try to use more than total ram
      Revert "tests/gem_tiled_pread_pwrite: actually try to use more than total ram"
      lib: add intel_get_total_swap_mb
      lib: extract drmtest_permute_array
      tests: add gem_tiled_swapping
      tests/gem_tiled_swapping: be more conservative with the swap requirements
      lib: forcewake is gen6+
      testdisplay: extract hotplug code
      testdisplay: make udev optional
      intel_error_decode: fixup glibc free warning
      tests: add gem_cs_prefetch
      drmtest: add progress indicator
      intel_reg_dumper: add TRANS_VSYNCSHIFT
      gem_partial_pwrite_pread: add progress indicator
      add sprite demo from Armin Reese
      lib/rendercopy: fixup make distcheck
      Release 1.2

Eugeni Dodonov (2):
      tools/intel_reg_dumper: Add support for debug register
      tools/intel_reg_dumper: retrieve rc6 residency values

Gaetan Nadon (15):
      Add mandatory COPYING file.
      Use standard .gitignore file and layout
      Man pages still showing version 1.0 in the 1.1 release
      Add mandatory ChangeLog and INSTALL files
      config: remove unrequired AM_PROG_CC_C_O
      config: remove duplicate AC_PROG_CC and AC_PROG__CC_99
      config: use project wide xorg warnings variable
      config: set-up xorg automatic rebuilding rules
      config: the minimum version for autoconf is 2.60
      config: restore the libtool minimum version to 1.5
      Debugger: convert existing makefiles to Automake.
      Benchmark: use correct src and build location
      lib: fix include directives, alphabetize sources
      scripts: use PYTHON primary directive for python scripts
      tools: use correct src and build location

Jesse Barnes (1):
      testdisplay: update to new colorkey ioctl

Kenneth Graunke (1):
      Update generation checks to provide basic support for Ivybridge.

Wu Fengguang (20):
      intel_audio_dump: cleanup hyphen character
      intel_audio_dump: cleanup ACP DIP name for ironlake and CPT
      intel_audio_dump: cleanup hex output
      intel_audio_dump: report effective channel count
      intel_audio_dump: fix ironlake Stream_ID indents
      intel_audio_dump: fix Digital_Port_D_Detected copy&paste error
      intel_audio_dump: fix Ironlake detection
      intel_audio_dump: fix DP control registers for CPT
      intel_audio_dump: fix DP port width for CPT
      intel_audio_dump: explain Bits_per_Sample
      intel_audio_dump: show DP control registers for Ironlake
      intel_audio_dump: show detected chipset name
      intel_audio_dump: show ELD contents for G45
      intel_audio_dump: show ironlake ELD_access_address
      intel_audio_dump: show VIDEO_DIP_CTL_* for CPT
      intel_audio_dump: show HDMI encoding
      intel_audio_dump: show interrupt enable bit
      intel_audio_dump: show Gamut Metadata DIP
      intel_audio_dump: fix missing Audio DIP tabs
      intel_audio_dump: show more AUD_CONFIG bits

Yi Sun (2):
      tests/testdisplay.c: Fix the black screen issue while force mode.
      tests/testdisplay.c: rewite function dump_connectors and dump_crtcs.

root (2):
      tests/gem_fenced_exec_trash: use drmtest helpers more
      tests: add drm_vma_limiter

git tag: 1.2

MD5:  08c860aa4d067c4ee10c5a672092f2d8  intel-gpu-tools-1.2.tar.bz2
SHA1: d2258f8a5b440f99ed4c1f25284de5a86b55044b  intel-gpu-tools-1.2.tar.bz2
SHA256: 104eeed3087e7eff7aa3a843b3988cb767f013ce2f476d32be8d1dfbb13d7932  intel-gpu-tools-1.2.tar.bz2

MD5:  81badccd60d6efbaeeaf4ec738a59d7c  intel-gpu-tools-1.2.tar.gz
SHA1: abcfff13dc90a3f73caea6e0d27a6dbcd3d2ef3c  intel-gpu-tools-1.2.tar.gz
SHA256: 421f7f4e3f576f128d81bee034ddde37dc7ad474ddebe6818dca59a07ec0f0f8  intel-gpu-tools-1.2.tar.gz

Daniel Vetter
Mail: daniel at ffwll.ch
Mobile: +41 (0)79 365 57 48
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