xf86-input-synaptics: Secondary mouse button isn't recognized

Karol Babioch karol at babioch.de
Tue Dec 25 06:31:01 PST 2012


it's been a while, however I've got other things to do the last couple
of weeks. Nevertheless this is still something bugging me.

Am 26.11.2012 00:03, schrieb Peter Hutterer:
> please provide your Xorg.log. this should be a clickpad, the matching
> property should be set and the right button should be enabled in software.

Here you go: http://pastebin.com/ZhrGMbc0

> I don't think that there are the physical buttons, the capabilities property
> only describes a left button so my guess is that the right button is
> software-emulated based on the finger position.

You are probably right, however I'm not too sure what I should do about
it. Is this something that (in theory) should be recognized
automatically, or am I supposed to configure it myself?

Thanks in advance for any replies!

Best regards,
Karol Babioch

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