Is it possible to force a monitor to stay in the server layout?

Sven Berkvens-Matthijsse sven at
Fri Dec 21 06:29:34 PST 2012


I can't seem to find an answer to my question anywhere on the web.
Either my use case is weird, or I'm not searching correctly :-)

I have server 1.11.3 running on Ubuntu. I'm using the radeon
driver with a Radeon HD6450. I have three monitors connected to the card
(all three monitors have a DVI input), and I've set up the server to
have all three monitors in one large desktop. This works brilliantly!

Sometimes, I need to connect one of the monitors to another PC or other
equipment with a HDMI or DVI output. My problem is that if I pull out
one of the cables that is connected to the HD6450, that the card (and
the X server) will detect that the monitor has been disconnected from
the card. Consequently, the desktop size is modified and all my Gnome
panels will be jumbled. If I reconnect the monitor, it comes back
online, but the positioning of the windows and panels is not restored to
what it used to be.

What I would like is to be able to tell the X server that I don't care
whether monitors are disconnected or not, and that it should keep the
desktop size fixed, no matter which monitors are connected. My X
configuration file includes a full server layout section, and also
contains the resolutions of the monitors. Therefor, it should be
possible, I guess, I just don't know how. Perhaps the current software
is not able to handle this specific situation. I can live with it if the
monitors need to be connected at the time that the X server starts. As
long as I can disconnect them later on without the server layout and
desktop size changing.

I realize that most people want the behavior that the X server exhibits
currently, because in their case it will probably be an external monitor
that is connected to a laptop on occasion. So I probably want something
odd :-)

Any help or pointers will be greatly appreciated. If the software is
currently not capable of what I've attempted to describe, I'd also like
to know, of course.

With kind regards,
Sven Berkvens-Matthijsse

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