Bad Screen

Usuário do Sistema maiconlp at
Tue Sep 13 14:02:56 PDT 2011

Hello everyone,

I have a Xclient application ( fwbuilder ) that it X server target is
in other machine. when I want use this X client application I connect
with ssh -X which export the display.

the X client application  machine is a CentOS 5.6 and I connect it by
ssh from my ubuntu Desktop 11.4.

my procedure:

from my ubuntu desktop I type ssh -X root at IP_machine_Xclient

on X client machine I type fwbuilder ( this my X client application ) file.fwb

the screen open but with look bad. the words are twisted. I think is
issue setting display in the X Server but I don't know where setting

any tip is welcome

sorry for my poor english


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