ANN: xterm patch #275

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Sun Sep 11 17:57:58 PDT 2011

                            Patch #275 - 2011/09/11

     * add ash, zsh to known shells for resize.
     * modify  resize  to  reuse the logic from xterm which determines the
       actual logon-user's shell if $SHELL is not set.
     * revert the unsetenv("SHELL") added in patch #272.
     * an  unsetenv("SHELL")  added in patch #272 to help ensure that luit
       would  get  the  user's shell consistently did not work as expected
       for cases where multiple names are in the password-file for a given
       uid.  That  was  because  changes  in  patch  #157  to  handle this
       situation did not take into account that repeated calls to getpwnam
       and  getpwuid return a pointer to the same static buffer. Fixed the
       older  logic  to work as intended, by ensuring that the passwd-data
       from each call is stored separately (report by Paul Keusemann).
     * adjust ifdef's for putenv and unsetenv in case only one of those is
       provided on a given platform.
     * correct  comparison  used  in  ExposeContains macro from patch #274
       changes, to handle window-dragging (patch by Todd Eigenschink).

Thomas E. Dickey
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