ANN: xterm patch #274

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Mon Sep 5 18:04:58 PDT 2011

                            Patch #274 - 2011/09/05

     * portability  fixes  for cygwin: do not define SVR4, and work around
       nonstandard header location.
     * ifdef'd  use  of  unsetenv  from  patch  #273  changes to work with
       Solaris 9 (report by Waldemar Rachwal).
     * modify   logic  for  XtAppPending  to  merge  adjacent  Expose  and
       ConfigureNotify  events  which  are  redundant  (report  by  Edward
     * fix an unneeded warning message when -r option is given.
     * remove  a  few  redundant  entries  from  table  used  for  helping
       abbreviation-checking  of  command-line  options,  makes -geom work
       again after patch #272 changes as an abbreviation of -geometry.
     * add  scaleHeight resource and command-line option -sh as workaround
       for  some  font-configurations  broken by changes in FreeType 2.4.6
       (report by Miroslav Hodak).
     * portability  fixes  for  some  configure  macros:  CF_FUNC_TGETENT,
     * add  configure  option  --with-freetype-config to improve selection
       over  the  plethora  of configuration options which freetype has so
       far provided.
     * build-fix  for configure --enable-load-vt-fonts when --enable-widec
       is not specified.
     * build-fixes  for suppressing various features, needed after changes
       in patches 270, 271 and 272 (report by Brian Lindholm)

Thomas E. Dickey
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