ANN: luit 1.2-20111030

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Sun Oct 30 11:49:14 PDT 2011

   2011/10/30 -
     * modify  configure  script  to  add  X_LIBS  symbol  after resolving
       fontenc  library,  to  use  the  associated -L option in subsequent
     * add  -t  to simplify testing available locales versus luit's tables
       and the locale.alias file.
     * add "US-ASCII" for C/POSIX to the locale-charset table.
     * add  entries  to  the  locale-charset  table to correspond with the
       font-encoding table, making it possible to use locales defined with
       each  named  charset  (reported  by Andrey Ivanov, also reported in
       Freedesktop #41857).
     * modify  the  lookup  by  locale  charset to help match results from
       nl_langinfo(CODESET)  by  mapping  commonly  used prefixes into the
       prefixes used by luit.
     * check   for,   and   use   nl_langinfo(CODESET)   to   augment  X's
       locale.aliases file for determining the encoding to use.
     * workaround  limitation in copying terminal settings on Solaris from
       original tty to pty.
     * add  /usr/openwin/lib/locale  to  search-list  of  locale.alias for
       Solaris 10.
     * improve  configure  script so that it does not error-out if fontenc
       is unavailable, using iconv instead.
     * bump  version  to 1.2, noting xorg hackers having marked (with only
       cosmetic changes) the 2010/6/1 snapshot as "1.1.0".
     * add/use  configure  check  for  posix_openpt,  prompted  by FreeBSD
     * updated      configure      script     macros:     CF_ANSI_CC_CHECK
     * update config.guess, config.sub

Thomas E. Dickey
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