libxrandr code examples

Dirk De Becker at
Wed Oct 19 08:13:39 PDT 2011

Yes I did. However, I was hoping to find some tutorial that has a little 
bit more elaborate explanation about the concepts that are used withing 



On 10/19/2011 05:09 PM, walter harms wrote:
> Did you look at the randr programm source ?
> re,
>   wh
> Am 19.10.2011 16:28, schrieb Dirk De Becker:
>> Hi all,
>> I hope this is the right list for this question. I am looking for a good
>> tutorial on how to use libxrandr from another program.
>> What I want to do, is for example enabling/disabling certain interfaces
>> (LVDS/DVI) from a C++ program.
>> I do not seem to be able to find any good tutorials for this online
>> (maybe I am not using the good search criteria).
>> Anyone who can help me in this?
>> Thanks a lot in advance,
>> Dirk
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