How to enable the X Render extension?

Thomas Lübking thomas.luebking at
Wed Oct 19 02:25:23 PDT 2011

Am Wed, 19 Oct 2011 11:52:23 +0800
schrieb zhouzy <zhouzy at>:

> I want to install aMule,it depends wxwidgets,gtk2.
> My os is rhel5.1,too I need reinstalled the
> X11R6.9.0-src.tar.bz2.It works now. But when I built wxwidgets,I got
> two errors:
> [...]
> It means my X11R6 does not enable the X Render extension.

No, it means ../src/gtk/cursor.cpp doesn't include gdk/gdk.h (and
ultimately gdk-display.h) or that the build system didn't
add /usr/include/gtk-2.0 as include path or that you stripped
the output too much and the header is just not present.

=> bug in wxwidgets buildsystem or insufficient system setup (lacks -dev
I doubt wxwidgets are handled on this list. You should report at their

> [amule at localhost X11R6]$ ls lib/modules/extensions
i have no xrender shared object either, i doubt there was.

> How to enable the X Render extension?
xdpyinfo | grep -i render
-> does it print "RENDER"? then it's enabled
xdpyinfo -ext RENDER tells you all about the extension


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