fn+f8 switch video mode does not work (keycodes scancodes keymaps)

=JeffH Jeff.Hodges at KingsMountain.com
Thu Oct 13 09:57:03 PDT 2011

 > My guess would be that fn+f8 sends winkey + p, since that is the
 > standard "presentation mode" shortcut on windows 7. This would also
 > explain the 'p' you're seeing.

thx for your thoughts on it.

however, I'm not pressing the key marked with the windows logo on the keyboard, 
I'm pressing the "Fn" key (plus the F8 key of course).

but in any case, might this problem be solved by scancode->keycode mapping?

it appears that an ACPI event for the fn+f8 keypress event on the E6500 isn't 
being issued..

  > sudo acpi_listen -c 1

The above command should have exited on it's own after receiving an acpi event 
for fn+f8, but instead just a letter "p" was echoed and then I cntl-C'd out of it.

On a different system (D820) but running same Ubuntu & kernel versions, the 
fn+f8 keypress event is generated and the video mode switching works as it should..

 > sudo acpi_listen -c 1
video VID 00000080 00000000

So I am wondering if getting the video mode switching (for the external 
monitor) working on the E6500 is a matter of "fixing" the scancode->keycode 
mapping and then also ensuring that however that is hooked up to the ACPI event 
issuance is working correctly.

Anyone know how to delve into all that?  Or where there is a tutorial material? 
  The man pages are frustratingly obtuse.

thanks for any help,


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