intel and 8 bit pseudo colour mode

Christopher Harvey chris at
Tue Oct 11 13:31:21 PDT 2011

I'm having problems with an Intel card (82915G/GV/910GL) running in 8 
bit colour mode. I could post a screenshot if required, but basically 
the screen is gray scale and some (but not all) of the pixels seem to 
have inverted brightness. I'm not sure what other information to provide 
except for
xf86-video-intel is at version 2.14.0
xorg-server is 1.10.2

the only setup I did to run 8 bit mode was adding "DefaultDepth 8" to 

Am I missing something to get it running? Does Intel not support 8 bit 
mode? Is there an open source driver that does? (I'm trying to figure 
out how 8 bit mode should be implemented in drivers with recent versions 
of X)


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