Problem with Intel emgd (GMA500)

Alan Cox alan at
Fri Oct 7 06:53:08 PDT 2011

> 	I've no idea what is wrong. With vesa driver it works, but very slowly.
> 	Any help will be appreciated.

The current kernel has a GMA500 KMS driver that will give you sensible
native modes with the framebuffer driver as well as support multiple
outputs properly.

There are some basic 2D accel hooks but at the moment they are not being
used anywhere, in part because it appears that for X the CPU + fbdev +
shadowfb performance is as fast anyway.

3.0 is fairly stable except for suspend/resume, 3.1 should have that
fixed, and I hope for 3.2 to have wickedly fast console scroll
acceleration merged upstream as well.

The 3D is closed third party non Intel stuff which means it's not
supported and probably never will be. There are (as you have found) a
couple of ancient rather wobbly setups using a kernel driver plus
proprietary firmware and closed X server, but those are all old, and all
contain known security holes so are not much of an option either.


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