ANN: xterm patch #272

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Wed Aug 24 18:03:15 PDT 2011

                            Patch #272 - 2011/08/24

     * document limitation of Gtk in connection with xterm's -into option,
       in the manpage (Ubuntu #806969).
     * improve  -into  by  checking  for  and using the size of the window
       within which xterm is embedded, overriding other clues.
     * modify  logic  for  localeFilter  resource to allow that to include
       command-line options of luit.
     * improve  -into  by  checking  for  invalid  window-id, and allowing
       hexadecimal/decimal/octal values.
     * improve  keepSelection,  adding  the case where the highlighting is
       cleared, overlooked in patch #230 (patch by Marco Peereboom).
     * improve  command-line  parsing  to  make  abbreviate  options  work
       consistently   across  xterm-specific  versus  standard  X  toolkit
       options, and report cases where an abbreviated option happens to be
       ambiguous.  In  particular,  -d  now  works  as an abbreviation for
     * fix  regression  in  command-line  parsing introduced in patch #271
       changes for Debian #629358, (Debian #637910).
     * split-out   new   termcap/terminfo  building  block  xterm+kbs  for
     * modify   terminfo   file   to   reflect   changes  in  ncurses  for
       xterm-16color and xterm-256color.
     * modify,  etc.,  to  reflect the default default class,
       $TERM and decTerminalID values.
     * reword  resize manpage to reflect the fact that $TERMCAP is not set
       on all systems (patch by Alan Coopersmith).
     * work  around combined Xaw6/Xaw7 package in DragonFlyBSD which omits
       the usual symbolic link to the preferred library name.
     * further  improve build-fix for termcap systems by checking for some
       which  are  only  partial  implementations,  e.g.,  termcap 2.08 in
       CentOS 5.2

Thomas E. Dickey
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