X server crashing

Chris Robinson fabricator4 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 13 13:12:12 PDT 2011

Hi Russ,

I was going to update but the install doesn't currently have a network connection for some reason.  It was another problem I was getting to but wanted to work on one thing at a time, and I thought the video res problem was going to be an easy fix. (Ha!)

I also didn't equate <problem> at pointer "nil" with a null pointer - rather, I though it was unable to give the correct information.  Pointing out the null pointer situation illuminated the problem for me.

I'll take a step back and work on the network problem, then see if there's any updates available that might hopefully solve the problem, or put in a bug report to Slackware if it does not.



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It seems X does not check for null pointers so instead of doing something 
gracefull it crashes.

If you are using parrallel ATA, there was a bug in PATA that was fixed 
about 2 weeks after 13.37 came out. Suggest either change the kernel
config file to use the "obsolete ATA" instead of SCSI and recompile,
(remember also to change fstab from sdxx to hdxx), or get a newer kernel.


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