[Q] NOOB; pkg_delete xorg?

Dave T dcthompso at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 13 03:00:24 PDT 2011

Thank you Alan,for replying and the information.


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>On 08/12/11 12:44, Dave T wrote:
>> Prologue: I am running freeNAS, based on freeBSD. I was looking to try a
>> gui-based app and found I needed an X11 client, so I did the pkg_add -r xorg. It
>> installed gobs of files.
>> Question: What is the best method to delete all of the files that were added?
>> Thinking the exact opposite might work, I tried pkg_delete xorg with no joy. Do
>> I have to uninstall each individual file? If so, is there a list with the info
>> for each file installed (name, location, etc).
>That's entirely a question to send to the distro folks responsible for
>freeNAS/FreeBSD - we don't know how their package system works, which of
>our files they included in their packages, or why their pkg_delete command
>didn't remove the files you expected it to.   There's simply far too many
>different packaging systems in the different distros for us to know them
>all, while each distro has experts in the one they use.
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