Question about Double Buffering

Dyweni - Xorg 8yrgr4dkpg6w at
Thu Aug 11 14:09:39 PDT 2011


Hi List, 

I am trying to setup my xorg server (1.10.3) to use
double buffering. I have the Nvidia 9600 video card and am using the
proprietary nvidia driver. 

When I run glxinfo, I see 'None' and
'Ncons' in the right most column. I do not see any entry with a 'P' (to
indicate support for OpenGL pixel buffers). 

I have the 'DBE' module
being loaded (xorg.0.log confirms that it loads).  

Some research I've
done leads me to believe that DBE cannot co-exist with XINERAMA. I have
tried the 'nvidia' and 'vesa' drivers both while having no reference to
'Xinerama' in my configuration file, yet the xorg.0.log file still shows
'Xinerama' (a built in extension) being loaded. 




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