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Wed Aug 3 10:25:40 PDT 2011

Thank Alan, yes my fwbuilder application is in an remote machine which
asks connections to my Xserver installed in my ubuntu Desktop.

I will be rebuild my ubuntu Desktop where is my Xserver.

thank you and sorry for my poor english.

Em 3 de agosto de 2011 13:54, Alan Coopersmith
<alan.coopersmith at> escreveu:
> On 08/03/11 08:26, Usuário do Sistema wrote:
>> Hello Everyone,
>> I have an application ( fwbuilder  to manager my firewall ) that needs
>> an Xserver to run.
>> I'm using the ubuntu I make it as target for my fwbuilder.
>> until some days ago it's worked  but now nothing. I've done some
>> changes in my Ubuntu desktop and I think is missing something.
>> My question is for Xserver ( installed in my ubuntu desktop ) receives
>> any connection from other clients what is necessary ? what is the
>> libarys ??
> The X server needs no libraries beyond the basic system libraries like
> libc to receive connections - if the libraries needed are missing, Xorg
> simply can't start, as they are directly linked, not dlopen()ed.
> More likely you've somehow broken your Xauthority settings to not have
> the right access.   (Unless it's a remote connection from another host,
> your description is unclear there - in that case you may have disabled
> remote network connections by having -nolisten tcp passed to the X server
> when it starts.)
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