[ANNOUNCE] luit 1.1.0

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Wed Oct 6 19:10:06 PDT 2010

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Luit is a filter that can be run between an arbitrary application and
a UTF-8 terminal emulator such as xterm.  It will convert application
output from the locale's encoding into UTF-8, and convert terminal
input from UTF-8 into the locale's encoding.

This release includes these changes from Thomas Dickey's luit-20100601:
        * add -alias option to allow override of locale.alias pathname.
        * improve fix waitForInput as suggested in Freedesktop #26383.
        * fix warnings from clang --analyze

As well as many of the same build time & janitorial cleanups found in
the other recent X.Org module releases.

Alan Coopersmith (3):
      Warn if configure does not find Xlib, but don't link against it.
      config: Remove unnecessary calls from configure.ac
      luit 1.1.0

Gaetan Nadon (7):
      man: replacement string should be __locale_alias__
      man: replacement string should be __appmansuffix__
      man: replace hardcoded (7) with __miscmansuffix__
      config: upgrade to util-macros 1.8 for additional man page support
      luit.man: remove trailing whitespace
      make: whitespace management
      config: update AC_PREREQ statement to 2.60

Jeremy Huddleston (2):
      Integrate changes from Thomas Dickey's luit-20100601 fork
      Whitespace cleanup from Thomas Dickey's luit-20100601 fork

git tag: luit-1.1.0

MD5:  cb9377b09e562e4084cc614a44df2641
SHA1: fa974b417f6b65c241398d8d011207c6facb0766

MD5:  d7f8ccf45081db086e91ce9940248fc7
SHA1: 2f7fe2903ca3208ae8f649afedb5e1c1c900f90c

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