GSoC: KMSifying cirrus?

Daniel Gnoutcheff daniel at
Wed Mar 24 19:00:03 PDT 2010

Wow, seems there's a lot more interest in this idea than I expected! 
Thanks for the feedback!

Eric Anholt wrote:
> Sounds like a fun project, and doable.  I'd just recommend that you
> reduce the scope slightly from a full KMS driver to an unaccelerated KMS
> driver ... [snip]
> I think there would be a lot of value beyond just cirrus users in having
> an unaccelerated KMS example driver -- plenty of (old) hardware out
> there that could have much nicer linux support using KMS if people saw
> it was easy to build, since most older accelerators aren't that
> interesting today.

Thanks very much for the advice! Hmm, this is getting me thinking -- how 
about KMSifying the vesa driver? That was the first idea I had, but my 
initial research caused me to think that there wouldn't be much interest 
in it.

Matt Turner wrote:
> This is kind of already my planned GSoC project...

And you are an impressive competitor indeed. :)

Updating the documentation, now that sounds like a fantastic idea! In 
the off-chance that we both end up working on KMSification projects, I'd 
love to help!

Have a great one,

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