GSoC project idea: input support for XCB

Arnaud Fontaine arnaud at
Wed Mar 24 07:11:38 PDT 2010


I have  already updated  SummerOfCodeIdeas wiki page  about that  but as
it's coming a bit late in the GSoC schedule, I'm also posting this here.

So, here is a project idea for the GSoC:

One of  the main area  preventing XCB wide  adoption over Xlib  is input
support.  There are some information there[0] (incomplete ATM but it's a
work in  progress) about the  current status. This SoC  project involves
porting  Xlib  keyboard  functions  to  XCB and  working  on  related  X
extensions (such as XKB, XKB2...).

You don't really have to know XCB, so this project would definitely be a
really  good  starting  point  if  you are  interested  in  low-level  X
programming  and work  on something  that will  be widely  used  (XCB is
supposed to be the future of X client library).

If a student is interested in writing a proposal for this subject, don't
hesitate to send an email to xcb at

Arnaud Fontaine


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