How configure dual head on different graphic cards?

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On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 4:44 AM, Frantisek Hanzlik <franta at> wrote:
> I'm trying configure two monitors on my several desktop systems
> (Fedora 12 or Fedora 13 beta i686, kernels 2.6.31/2.6.32/2.6.33,
> Xorg server, XRandR 1.3, desktops have integrateg graphics
> (Intel G35 or Radeon Xpress 200G[RS480]), 1-4GB RAM, PCIe busses).
> Somewhere on net I found, X server version >= 1.7 can support multiple
> different graphics card (not only dual/triple link ones), then I tried
> configure systems with internal + one add-on card.
> Until now I'm unsuccessful. Fedora's tool "system-config-display" do not
> detect secondary video card, I experiment with some dynamic configuration
> (xrandr) or static with xorg.conf, but without success. Some experiments
> with adding dual-link MGA G550 card wasn't successful too, I wasn't able
> supress integrated graphic card.
> As I have no big experience with actual up-to-date X configuration,
> please, is there any cookbook/Howto how do this tasks? It would be best
> with some troubleshooting knowledge. What I found on net, was all about
> dual-link cards and RandR 1.2.
> Or, for some direct suggestion from this list, which information I should
> post here?

To autodetect all working graphics cards, and generate a multicard
setup, use Xorg's builtin autoconfiguration system:

$ Xorg -configure

This is all it took for me on F12 with three cards. Hope this helps.

~ C.

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