Google Summer of Code 2010 Project Idea

Marcelo Galvão Póvoa marspeoplester at
Thu Mar 18 19:48:49 PDT 2010

Hello, I'm a student interested in participating in GSoC 2010 and I would
like to submit a new idea for a project but I don't know if it is
practically possible because of technical or proprietary source code issues
with Apple.

My project would concern in providing a better Mac OS and X integration in
some user-oriented aspects such as:
- Separate every application window in its own dock icon and make it fully
featured, including drag and drop files, exposé, etc.
- Transform X windows into "native" windows, so they accept features such
resize and move using Universal Access and dragging content into it.
- Provide smoother scrolling via mouse/trackpad.

This would benefit mostly users of GTK or wine applications like me.

Any help/hint will be appreciated.

Marcelo Galvão Póvoa
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