Two keyboards - modifier oddity

Éric Piel E.A.B.Piel at
Thu Mar 18 03:51:06 PDT 2010

Op 17-03-10 20:53, Tom Cowell schreef:
> The behaviour is symmetrical - shift on keyboard 2 does the same thing
> with keystrokes on keyboard 1. Using caps-lock instead of shift has
> the same effect.
> I'm running Open SUSE 11.2, and Xorg -version says "X.Org X Server
> 1.6.5". The two keyboards are configured in xorg.conf as shown below.
> I also get the same behaviour with the Ubuntu netbook remix (X.Org X
> Server1.6.0), which has no explicit keyboard configuration.
> I did not get this behaviour with my previous OS Installation, which
> was Open SUSE 10.3. Checking the XOrg version is on my list of things
> to do.
I remember this problem with xserver 1.6, but it's gone (for me at
least) in 1.7.


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