DISPLAY/ SCREEN in Xserver and X11 forwarding

Piyush Mundra mundrapiyush36 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 17 05:32:53 PDT 2010


 I am using a standard Fedora-10 installation.

Please explain me what is the difference between DISPLAY and SCREEN as in


1) How can multiple SCREENS be created for a single DISPLAY ?

2) How can multiple DISPLAYS be created using any command line application ?

3) Also how does Local Xserver and Remote Xserver come into picture while
making use of X11 forwarding ?

I have a Remote FC10 machine. I am using my local FC10 machine to ssh -X to
the Remote machine. Please tell me how does the two Xserver interacts in
this case.

I am quite new to the Xserver, my questions may seem a bit irrelevant. But I
am stuck with this doubt.

Thanks in advance.

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