Yeelong and SiliconMotion driver: asking for developers

Daniel Clark dclark at
Tue Mar 16 14:19:40 PDT 2010

2010/3/16 Bridgman, John <John.Bridgman at>:
> Ahh, that makes sense -- so the relicensing from X11 to GPLv2 already happened, and the proposed relicensing was going to be from GPLv2 to v3. Asking if the code can be licensed back to X11 (allowing use in the project) certainly sounds like a good next step.

I'm glad we got that misunderstanding out of the way.

If anyone is psyched to work on this, but doesn't have hardware,
Brett/FSF and/or I/Freedom Included and/or Octavio/Poder Digital can
work with Xorg donations people to get a Lemote Yeeloong to the Xorg

It looks like this chipset is also in some other stuff, like some
older Thinkpads: (checked and you can get some
of them for $50-$100 on ebay).

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