Please help with Xorg

simo_it azzalin.simone at
Sun Mar 14 19:25:49 PDT 2010

Hi everybody, I ask help here because I don't know anything more to do.. In
the last times with a lot of distros I'm having a problem with the
If I change to 1024x768 I have black edges on both sides of my desktop... 
I have a Intel Graphic 4 Chipset Controller in my laptop, but I tried vesa
drivers & intel driver from xorg.conf but nothing! 
This is especially from the linux kernel 2.6.29 but I think it a problem
with the xorg drivers... I think...
The only recent distro that doesn't give this problem is ubuntu 9.10, with
all the others I can't do nothing...
I searched a lot of information but nothing.. I hope you will give some news
that I don't know..
In next hours I will post my xorg.conf file, now I can't..
Thank you.
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