Regarding how to use MPX in case of xoo device

Peter Hutterer peter.hutterer at
Mon Mar 8 15:50:27 PST 2010

Hi Amey,

(please don't cross-post, I've taken xorg-devel off the CC list)

On Mon, Mar 08, 2010 at 04:56:26PM +0530, Amey wrote:
> Hello all,
>                 I am an undergraduate student of final year engineering.I
> have configured X server with Multi-pointer support(MPX) on my machine with
> Ubuntu 8.10
> as a part of my final year project.In that I want to use MPX in xoo. I tried
> to set path for X server in preferences as /opt/mpx/bin/Xnest (as I have
> configured MPX in /opt directory) but it didn't work.So please can anybody
> suggest where I am doing mistake if any and how to use MPX in xoo device's
> display?

a quick check on the xoo website shows it's using Xephyr, not Xnest. that
might just be it, you need to pass in --enable-kdrive --enable-xephyr at the
configure stage to enable the builds.

note that even if you have Xephyr running, the use of MPX is somewhat
limited unless you let it access the devices directly (see Xephyr's
commandline options for this).


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