Problems with pure X11 program's Fonts

Glynn Clements glynn at
Thu Mar 4 21:57:02 PST 2010

Aaron Lewis wrote:

> > Assuming that "CrossOver" is the Windows emulation software based upon
> > Wine and formerly known as "CrossOver Office", I wouldn't expect it to
> > support configuration via X resources. I suggest that you refer to the
> > CrossOver documentation for guidance.
> Thanks , Glynn . strace told me it reads ~/.Xdefaults-HOSTNAME

In which case, it may be reading *some* configuration information via
X resources, or it may just be a particular library which does so
(it's linked against libdl, so I don't know which other libraries it
may be loading dynamically).

Conventionally, X resources are read from the file specified by
$XENVIRONMENT, or ~/.Xdefaults-<hostname> if that variable is not set,
and also read from the RESOURCE_MANAGER property on the root window,
or from ~/.Xdefaults if the property doesn't exist.

xrdb sets the RESOURCE_MANAGER property, so if you've used xrdb, the
~/.Xdefaults file won't be read. You can use "xprop -root" will list
any properties on the root window.

Conventionally, fonts are specified by font, fontSet and/or fontList
resources. Athena uses fontSet if the "international" resource is True
and font otherwise, while Motif uses fontList. Xt-based programs which
have had Xft support added (e.g. xterm) tend to use faceName and

Having said all that, there's no guarantee that CrossOver's font
configuration is influenced by X resources in any way.

Glynn Clements <glynn at>

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