X doesn't start in minilinux

GreenFlash green-flash at gmx.net
Thu Mar 4 15:20:14 PST 2010

>> I also just realised, that there are some version differences in the
>> xserver and the vesa module. The module is compiled for version 1.6.3,
>> but the server has version 1.6.4.
>> Might this cause the problem?
> YES.   ABI is important to Xorg now.
Compiled the vesa driver again for the 1.6.4 server, but it still tells
me, that it is compiled for server 1.6.3. So I would like to say, that
this isn't the problem, why the Xserver can't find the graphic card.
What about HAL? Is this important for the graphic card? What do I need
for hal to work?
Are there any other things I can do, to detect the error, except
debugging the vesa module? Because I don't have a debugger in the minilinux.


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