Boot resolution

Michael auslands-kv at
Wed Mar 3 00:04:23 PST 2010


With all that kernel mode setting stuff I have no idea any longer where to 
pose my question. So I try here, knowing that it is most probably the wrong 
mailing list.

I have an atom system here with a intel 945 graphics chip. I use kernel 
2.6.33 on a debian based linux system.

I want to control the boot resolution of the system to always have it 
800x600. In earlier times that was easily done using the kernel option 
"vga=789". Today, I cannot get it to work. The system always switches to the 
highest available resolution (1600x900) directly after grub.

I tried the following kernel options without success, all of them leading to 
a resolution of 1600x900:

- vga=789
- vga=0 video=intelfb:800x600
- vga=0 video=inteldrmfb:modeset=1:800x600
- vga=0 video=inteldrmfb:modeset=0:800x600
- vga=0 i915.modeset=0
- vga=789 i915.modeset=0
- vga=789 i915.modeset=1

Can anybody hint me what I need to do?



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