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Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Mon Mar 1 09:19:00 PST 2010

Richard Brown wrote:
> 1) A VNC server display driver which can be used simultaneously with
> other video drivers to display the same desktop. This driver already
> existed in Xfree86 4. this display driver would take the X server output
> and display it to VNC clients connected to the VNC server. yes, i do
> know of x11vnc external programs. The problem with these things is that
> they are very slow. We i am sure could get far better performance with a
> VNC server inside the X server in a output display driver. This would
> allow for very convenient remote desktop capabilities. I need to and i
> think a lot of people would want to log into their desktops remotely
> into a persistant desktop session. I currently use Xvnc but this has
> weaknesses. It is out of date and does not support recent extensions,
> and it is a seperate X server, i want to export my root desktop and get
> good performance, and have my applications have the benefits of
> displaying to the root display when i am at the local machine, without
> having to go through XVNC and vnc client, but still have the advantage
> of accessing the session through VNC remotely.

This already exists, it's just not bundled with X.Org due to the different
license - TigerVNC uses current Xorg sources to build both Xvnc and a loadable extension module that are compatible with current servers
and extensions.

> 2) Low priority: Dynamic runtime loadable and unloadable drivers. With
> the possibility of hot pluggable devices, has this been considered? 

Already done for input devices.   Graphics is harder, but do you really
have systems where you're often hotplugging PCI-E cards while the system
is running?   (Yes, I know about USB-connected DisplayLink devices, but
most work around hotplugging those has been configuring them as separate
X seats/sessions, not incorporating them into a running server.)

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