assert on line 249 of xcb_io.c

John P. Hartmann jphartmann at
Wed Jun 30 01:14:45 PDT 2010

The subject assert has been reported in various contexts, e.g.,

It bites me consistently on fedora13 with vmware player running a W2K
virtual when I use IBM's pcom 3270 emulator (and my desire to do so is

Crashes occur more frequently (quicker) when vmware runs on a
different system that the X server.

After the client crashes, the server is left in a state where the
keyboard shift keys are lost and I must recycle the server.

Is there a way to restore the keyboard without recycling the server?

I tried building libX11 without xcb, but then vmplayer reports  XINFO
IO fatal error. Exiting ...

Any suggestions?


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