Intel 2.12.0 / "Refresh" Issue / 915GM

John R. johnr at
Sat Jun 26 17:13:54 PDT 2010


I have no issues with version 2.11.0 drivers but I get odd behavior with
version 2.12.0 (DRI not used in either version).  What happens was first
noticed with Firefox but also happens with Thunderbird.  If I change to
a different section of my desktop (I am running 3 x 2 desktop) the
client area of those apps remains (window elements such as title bar and
border remain).  The display (invalid portions) are updated if something
refreshes the screen (for example, move a terminal window or display a
menu on root window).  I don't see these stubborn client areas with
terminal windows.  I did not try any other apps but can do that.  I can
also provide xorg log files for both versions if that is of value as
well as screen shots.

Server: X.Org X Server (1.8.2 RC 1)
Linux: 2.6.33


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