Howto Lower brightness on Apple LCD Monitor? - Jumpers for buttons - KUbuntu 10.4, KDE System Settings Display; jor XOrg

giovanni_re john_re at
Tue Jun 22 17:56:16 PDT 2010

On Tue, 22 Jun 2010 20:22:20 -0400, "Chris Ball" <cjb at> said:
>    > there is no adjustment for brightness.
> I have a Cinema Display from this era too, and the brightness control
> consists of two "touch buttons" directly above the power button on the
> right-hand side of the monitor.  Do you have similar buttons on yours?

Thanks Chris,

I received this monitor with no bezel/case.  There are no buttons.  The monitor cable assembly has, near the monitor, 2 1/4" 5 pin sockets, & 1 2pin socket.  One circuit board on the back has about 12 unconnected jumper multi-pin connectors.

If you have any schematic, or info about where those brightness buttons connect, please let me know.

Thanks :)

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