Aps on desktop disappear & reappear when mouse to bottom of screen KUbuntu 10.4 ; jor Xorg

giovanni_re john_re at fastmail.us
Tue Jun 22 16:02:21 PDT 2010

On Wed, 23 Jun 2010 00:15:44 +0200, "Thomas Lübking" <thomas.luebking at web.de> said:
> check "kcmshell4 kwinscreenedges"
> you've likely "show desktop" active on the central lower border.

Thanks, Thomas.  :)

Yes, & as a matter of fact I had just made that setting before this problem started.  (I think it was "upper-left" when i went to investigate, that looked wrong, & I changed it to "lower-center").

What should the correct setting be?

=====  Background:
For some long time (years? 1? 2? more?) while running the KUbuntu desktop, occasionally (maybe about every 4 days), somehow the "task bar" (is that the correct name?) at the bottom of the screen, which shows the running applications, would become unavailable. - it just would cease appearing when I moved my mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen.

This would be problematic, because there was no GUI way for me to do anything to fix it - I couldn't get to the start button to bring up the control panel, I couldn't even log out & shut down & restart.

The way I'd found to remedy the problem was, IIRC, to do Alt-F2, which pulled up a program start dialog with a history of run commands function, & run kcontrol, or some such program.  But, now, kcontrol sw is gone, & I didn't recall any sw to use.   ("systemsettings" might be what would have been the program to use, but I hadn't remembered it.  -  There was also something about right clicking on the taskbar > panel options > panel settings > panel alignment > center & auto-hide.)

Then, there was some setting I'd re-make, having to do with positioning the task bar at the bottom center of the display.  When I saved that, then my task bar would re-appear.

Long story short:  When the task bar failed to appear recently, I tried the Alt-F2 method, couldn't find the systemsettings, but somehow got to the setting you described, which seemed like what I've used to remedy the problem previously.  -  I think it _did_ remedy the no taskbar problem - my task bar came back.  But, maybe it is causing this new problem.

So, I'd never made a bug report about my disappearing task bar - too little time, & I had a fix, inconvenient as it was.

{BTW:  Shouldn't those taskbar settings, "right clicking on the taskbar > panel options > panel settings > panel alignment > center & auto-hide" be in the KDE "SystemSettings" control panel someplace?  I don't see them anywhere. Are they there??  Thanks.}

So, I've really got two problems:
1) the disappearing task bar, & how to make it not disappear (basically, IIRC, it used to somehow get set to a left side of screen, or upper left corner of screen, but wouldn't appear even if I ran my mouse pointer all around all edges of the screen).
2) & the new problem of the "applications disappear, reappear, repeat" problem.

So, what is the proper setting so i fix the "disappear, reappear" problem?

Thanks :)

> Am Tuesday 22 June 2010 schrieb giovanni_re:
> > Didn't get an answer on KUbuntu list, so hopefully someone here might
> > have a suggestion.
> > 
> > ==
> > I just switched from a vga to dvi monitor, & am now having this problem,
> > on KUbuntu 10.4.
> > 
> > When i move my mouse pointer down to the bottom of the screen, which is
> > supposed to pop up the task bar, all the applications on screen
> > disappear, & there is only a blank desktop with the task bar showing.
> > 
> > When I move my mouse pointer along the bottom of the screen, about every
> > quarter inch of screen movement the all the apps appear, then disappear,
> > again & again.
> > 
> > Anyone heard of anything like this?
> > 
> > 
> > This looks like a bug somewhere, cause I doubt this could be a
> > "setting".  Where's the bug? KDE? X?
> > 
> > Thanks :)

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