Peter A. Buhr pabuhr at
Mon Jun 21 06:07:00 PDT 2010

I have been using mwm for over 20 years. I just installed Ubuntu 10.4 on my
laptop and now when I press Alt-button1 in a window (versus frame) to raise
the window (defined in my .mwmrc file), mwm locks up and only allows input into
the window where I performed the Alt-button1. (It also fails for Alt-button2
and Alt-button3, which are defined to do other actions.) I have to kill mwm and
restart it to make it work again. I have no problems on Ubuntu 8.4 and 9.10. Is
anyone else having this problem? Can anyone suggest what's going wrong? I've
tried everything to make it work, including building and installing the latest
and older versions of open-motif. I really don't want to switch window
managers, as I love the simplicity of mwm. HELP!!!

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