[ANNOUNCE] libXcm-0.2.6

Kai-Uwe Behrmann ku.b at gmx.de
Wed Jun 16 21:40:40 PDT 2010

This is the first release of libXcm a colour management library for the X 
Window System. The library communicates X colour regions between 
server and clients, which is described in the included net-color spec.

The core was developed as a OpenICC project by Tomas Carnecky and is 
currently maintained by Kai-Uwe Behrmann.

The library is used by colour_desktop a compiz plugin for full 
screen colour correction in hardware. libXcm allows the plugin to support 
multi monitor and multiple regions per window.

Kai-Uwe Behrmann (39):
         * [build]: link -lX11 to libXcolor.so
         * [Xc]: XcolorRegionDelete allow real delete
         * [Xc]: fix wrong memcpy bug
         * [color]: add device link support
         * [color] fix compilation for compiz-0.8.4
         * [exmpl]: fix some bugs
         * [build]: use pkg-config for lcms detection
         * [docu]: Draft 1 for net-color spec 0.2
         * [docu]: add distribution files
         * [build]: add distribution Makefile
         * [docu]: minor clearification
         * [docu]: fix typo
         * [build]: support CFLAGS LDFLAGS
         * [build]: rename sources
         * [docu]: refere to ICC for MD5 computation
         * [build]: rename old Makefile
         * [conf]: support pkgconfig, RPM, configure
         * [docu]: clearify description
         * [docu]: add man pages
         * [Xc]: sync endianess handling
         * [docu]: better formatting
         * [build]: add man pages to RPM
         * [build]: distribute and install man pages
         * [docu]: reference other man pages
         * [conf]: remove unneeded check
         * [build]: set local include path
         * [conf]: bump to 0.2.3
         * [build]: link again to X11
         * [conf]: rename to libXcm
         * [build]: fix the debian package name
         * [build]: install header into X11/; rename pkgcfg
         * [docu]: add Doxyfile
         * [conf]: show actual includedir
         * [build]: fix for mandriva 2007
         * [build]: RPM spec file fixes
         * [build]: correct soname
         * [build]: add requirement for RPM devel package
         * [build]: omit RPM buildroot cleaning
         * [conf]: bump version

Tomas Carnecky (41):
         Initial import.
         Better visualization of the color transformation.
         Use the compiz fragment API
         Use stencil buffer instead of scissors. This fixes the problem with the wobbly plugin.
         Using dynamic rectangles now. Added simple client that shows communication between application and compositing manager.
         Fix potential crash
         Fetch all regions from the window property and use all of those.
         addDataOpToFunctionData() already supports vararg
         The sample clients need xfixes libs and cflags
         Fix memory leak when fetching the window regions
         Add the XColor header.
         Use the _NET_COLOR_PROFILES to store profiles in the root window.
         Use XColorRegion to communicate the window regions.
         Changed meaning of _NET_COLOR_MANAGEMENT. Now used to activate or deactivate parts of the region stack.
         client: Upload profile into the root window.
         Change pluginDrawWindow() to use the local region stack.
         Change pluginDrawWindowTexture() to use the local region stack.
         Remove debugging fprintf().
         Add preliminary XRandR output support.
         Fix handling of privates and allow objects to fail initialization.
         Listen to XRandR events and update outputs accordingly.
         Use the correct XRandR output property name.
         Don't crash if something goes wrong inside lcms.
         Let the client decide to which output device the colors should be converted.
         Add compiz plugin and net-color documentation
         Add comments to functions and code.
         Clarify the XColorProfile format.
         Xcolor: client-side API for managing profiles and regions.
         Reorganize files, clean up Makefile, swith the compiz plugin to the new Xcolor API
         Add a define that can be used to enable debugging output.
         Big reorganization of internal structures in the compiz plugin.
         Fix deletition of profiles.
         Replace UUID with MD5, as suggested by Kai-Uwe.
         Add some comments to the internal structures.
         client: Change target output at keypress.
         Replaced printf() with compLogMessage().
         Add function descriptions to the Xcolor header.
         Add a function for activating stack regions.
         Don't create the shader for each region separately.
         Increase the size of the color-managed region in the sample client.
         Add Xinerama screen detection to the sample client.

git:      git://www.oyranos.org/git/xcolor
git-tag:  libXcm-0.2.6
Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/oyranos/files/libXcm/libXcm-0.2.x/libXcm-0.2.6.tar.gz/download
sha1sum:  8f566e33dbb5b95106494f4eab416d6a3edf0b78
md5sum:   96c1ee0c4f7f95dc448a0eb69b3929ae

Kai-Uwe Behrmann
developing for colour management 
www.behrmann.name + www.oyranos.org

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