xset settings forgotten after switching to virtual console

Pascal Brueckner master.fly at gmx.net
Sat Jun 12 18:30:03 PDT 2010


for some time now, I can't really remember the last not affected version
of xorg, it's impossible for me to "save" some xset settings during my
daily work. To be more precise, I usually tend to disable the bell via
"xset b off", but don't unload the pcspkr module, because I need it for
some other stuff.

After doing "xset b off", switching to one of the virtual consoles (bell
is still off there, confirmed via "xset q"), all bell settings are reset
to default on switching back to the running xorg instance.

Is that the desired behaviour? If so, what can I do to force xorg to
remember these settings, as it did some time ago?

Behaviour confirmed on "X Server 1.7.6", Debian and Gentoo systems.

Pascal Brueckner

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